Graphic Design Lecture Artist: Design Bitches

Graphic Design Lecture Series

In 2010, Catherine Johnson and Rebecca Rudolph founded Design, Bitches with a bold and irreverent vision to make architecture significant in daily life. Their multidisciplinary firm draws inspiration from the duos’ eclectic expertise in the areas of design, art, and pop culture.

Based in Los Angeles, Catherine and Rebecca collaborate on an international range of projects that scale from brand identity and commercial spaces to ground-up residential and cultural buildings. They work closely with clients to develop creative solutions responsive to location and user experience. By experimenting with materials and graphics, they provide durable contemporary designs that wink at history.

Each design transforms a collage of influences into architecture that is beautiful and layered with meaning, but also welcoming—spaces and landscapes where people want to hang out.

Catherine & Rebecca are both native Californians and licensed Architects registered with the American Institute of Architects.  Catherine received her MArch from SCI-Arc and her BIARC from the University of Oregon, Rebecca received her MArch from SCI-Arc and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Paris VIII

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Graphic Design Lecture Artist: Sussman & Prezja

Graphic Design Lecture Series

Sussman/Prejza’s focus is the development of distinctive and successful visual communications programs for the built environment, ranging in scope and complexity. As the recognized trailblazer in this discipline, S/P’s expertise can be seen in civic, cultural, corporate, sports, institutional, entertainment and retail projects around the globe.

Established in 1968, S/P works with its clients to develop memorable identities and branding, based upon research and graphic archeology. Abstract stories are woven into the visual product, creating a sense of place and memories that users retain and remember. S/P’s work has pushed the boundaries of environmental graphic design to meld cohesively with architecture, civic planning, and landscape design.

With award-winning work that has been described as “urban poetry”, S/P is composed of a multi-generational and multi-cultural staff of graphic designers, architects, interior designers and conceptualists. They are the keystone to S/P’s success; creating multi-layered programs from the printed page to the built environment. S/P’s work continues to expand the boundaries of graphic design and its seamless integration with architecture and public space.

S/P’s most acclaimed and pioneering projects include: the “look” of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games; the identity and exhibits of the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) in San Francisco; the city-wide image program for Santa Monica, California; and graphics programs for the Walt Disney Company theme parks.

S/P’s work has been widely published in Time MagazineThe New York Times, the Los Angeles TimesGraphisDomusAbitareArchitectural RecordMetropolis, and in numerous books on design.

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Graphic Design Lecture Artist: Paul Sahre

Graphic Design Lecture Series

Paul Sahre is a graphic designer who has operated his own independent practice since 1997. He is a frequent visual contributor to The New York Times, authored books, redesigned two of Canada’s largest magazines, built and destroyed a life-sized monster truck hearse for the band They Might Be Giants and appeared in a 90’s Winona Rider film.

Paul received his BFA and MFA from Kent State University and has taught graphic design at the School of Visual Arts for the past 13 years.

He lectures extensively all over the world and is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale.

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