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School of Art


The School of Art's resources integrate both traditional and new technologies to encourage creativity across a wide variety of artmaking métiers. Lab directors, aided by student staff, are available to provide instruction and guidance to ensure that all production facilities are used effectively and safely.

All labs directly support the curricula offered by the School of Art. Students access these facilities through classes and orientations and at the discretion of the respective directors.


Beginning undergraduate students in the Program in Art and Program in Photography and Media share studios. MFA students and most upper-level undergraduates in these programs are assigned individual studios. Graphic Design students are assigned individual desks and work spaces in a shared studio environment. Most studios are spacious and receive natural light.

MFA Art and Technology students have a shared common studio space. This space functions as a working studio and a social 'affinity space' which allows for peer-to-peer communication and collaborative possibilities. Students are assigned a designated area within the common studio for their individual use. 

All studios are available to students around-the-clock 7 days a week during the academic year.

CalArts Library – Visual Arts Collections & Services


The Library supports CalArts students, staff, and faculty in their art-making and research activities with collections, programs, services, resources, and reference assistance designed to encourage intellectual growth and artistic expression.

Visual Arts collections and resources include:

  • Art, graphic design, photography and media books including history and theory
  • Exhibition catalogs
  • Artists Books Collection, including the MFA Graphic Design year-end books
  • In-print journals and magazines for art, graphic design and photography
  • Online indexes and journal, magazine and newspaper articles
  • Online Reference resources
  • Visual Resource Collection, digital images available for teaching, research and study accessible through the ARTstor digital image library
  • Moving Image Collections and in-house viewing in Library Film Services

Other Library collections and resources include:

  • Special Collections
  • Institute Archive, CalArts history
  • Reference assistance by Librarians in the main Library

The Visual Arts (Art & Film) Librarian is Karen Baxter. Her office is located in Library Film and Image Services


661 253-7880


The MacLab is used for creating digital and print-based work, including drawing, painting, photo manipulation, editorial design, type design, 3-D rendering, motion graphics, sound design and Web, CD and DVD authoring. The lab is equipped with Macintosh workstations with high-speed Internet connections, black-and-white high-resolution printers, video projectors, flatbed and slide scanners, digital still and digital video cameras and CD and DVD burners.

Two adjunct labs support the MacLab: Pre-Press offers fee-based large-format printing while the MotionLab provides digital editing and DVD authoring facilities as well as digital video cameras for check-out.

Photo Lab

The Photo Lab supports both traditional processes and digital media production.

Equipment includes a 31-inch-capacity black-and-white processor, a 16-inch-capacity Cibachrome color processor, a 52-inch-capacity color processor, black-and-white printing bays, color darkrooms, film developing rooms, a lighting studio, a copy room, a print finishing room and an 8-by-10-inch color mural enlarger.

The Photo Lab's high-end film recorder allows students to output digital images to slides and negatives in black-and-white as well as in color. The lab's digital darkroom features Macintosh workstations with Internet connections and peripherals that support flatbed and film scanning, printing, Web design, CD and DVD authoring, and non-linear video editing.

Students can also check out a variety of cameras (ranging from 35-mm to 8-by-10-inch), camera accessories, printing equipment, digital still and digital video cameras, slide projectors, installation devices and lighting equipment.

Print and Media Lab

The Print and Media Lab accommodates both traditional and digital processes.

The Print Lab studio is used for producing multiples through silk-screening, etching, lithography or letterpress. It contains light tables, work tables, paper cutters, an exposure unit and various presses.

The Media Lab features mostly Macintosh workstations and, for cross-platform work, a few networked PC workstations. Students use this facility for creating print and screen-based work, including CD and DVD authoring and Web publishing. The Media Lab also offers more specialized, fee-based output techniques such as large-format color inkjet printing and vinyl and stencil cutting.

Super Shop

The Super Shop is an Institute-wide resource that provides facilities and technical instruction for making three dimensional artwork. It is a sculpture driven workspace with full woodworking, metal fabrication, sand-blasting and spraying facilities. Basic hand tools are available for check out.

Video Lab

The Video Lab offers an assortment of high-quality equipment for time-based media production and post-production as well as facilities for classroom instruction and student use.

Digital video and Hi-8 cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting kits, mini-disc sound recorders and other production equipment are available for check-out. Post-production facilities feature Macintosh workstations with Final Cut Pro for editing video and a Pro Tools sound studio for editing music and sound.


School of Art students exhibit their work in seven on-campus galleries, as well as in various unconventional or informal settings around campus. First- and second-year undergraduates participate in several group shows, while upper-level undergraduates and all graduate students have solo exhibitions in each year of study. Shows are often accompanied by opening receptions and parties organized by students. Openings are held on Thursdays, following the weekly Art Lecture Series presentation.

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