Graphic Design Lecture Artist: Sussman & Prezja

Graphic Design Lecture Artist: Sussman & Prezja

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CalArts Campus Room G201 & G202

Graphic Design Lecture Series

Sussman/Prejza’s focus is the development of distinctive and successful visual communications programs for the built environment, ranging in scope and complexity. As the recognized trailblazer in this discipline, S/P’s expertise can be seen in civic, cultural, corporate, sports, institutional, entertainment and retail projects around the globe.

Established in 1968, S/P works with its clients to develop memorable identities and branding, based upon research and graphic archeology. Abstract stories are woven into the visual product, creating a sense of place and memories that users retain and remember. S/P’s work has pushed the boundaries of environmental graphic design to meld cohesively with architecture, civic planning, and landscape design.

With award-winning work that has been described as “urban poetry”, S/P is composed of a multi-generational and multi-cultural staff of graphic designers, architects, interior designers and conceptualists. They are the keystone to S/P’s success; creating multi-layered programs from the printed page to the built environment. S/P’s work continues to expand the boundaries of graphic design and its seamless integration with architecture and public space.

S/P’s most acclaimed and pioneering projects include: the “look” of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games; the identity and exhibits of the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) in San Francisco; the city-wide image program for Santa Monica, California; and graphics programs for the Walt Disney Company theme parks.

S/P’s work has been widely published in Time MagazineThe New York Times, the Los Angeles TimesGraphisDomusAbitareArchitectural RecordMetropolis, and in numerous books on design.