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School of Art

Photography and Media

The Program in Photography and Media is dedicated to image-makers and artists interested in developing their work, building their
technical skills, and engaging in critical conversations that help them to understand their work in relation to the images that shape our contemporary culture. With its roots in still photography, the Program supports both graduate and undergraduate students in a broad range of media and approaches, including still and moving images, installation, new media, sound, performance and publication, all grounded in conversations about the histories of photography and media, the politics of representation, the changing role of cameras and photography in our daily lives, social documentary and activism. From the intro level to graduate studies, our courses are designed to challenge conventional notions of image and art, encourage experimentation with materials and ideas, and build each artist’s sense of the context and personal importance of their work. Our faculty represents a broad range of these practices within their own work, including analog and digital photography, moving image and installation, writing and publishing, painting and social practice, working between the contexts of museums and galleries, documentary, art criticism, and community and grassroots venues. While students are also able to work closely with the faculty and students of our neighboring Program in Art, our curriculum is distinguished by our commitment to an evolving suite of technical courses that address continuing shifts in our toolsets, our outstanding Photo Facility and production support, and a dedicated interrogation of the condition of the image, authorship and medium in our contemporary, local and globalized world.

The Program in Photography and Media offers a four-year BFA in Photography and Media, as well as a two-year MFA in Photography and Media.

While alumni of the program are most directly prepared to work as artists, with many graduates leading successful careers in the worlds of contemporary art, photography and filmmaking, how each graduate chooses to apply the skills, knowledge and critical thinking abilities in the world include such varied career paths as:
fine artists/photographers/filmmakers, documentarians, educators, editorial and commercial photographers, writers and art critics, journalists, curators, museum administrators, designers, publishers, and entrepreneurs whose businesses include photographic and film production companies, art galleries, photography labs, and fine art finishing and handling services.

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