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Graphic Design

Graphic design plays an important and varied role in today’s culture. The Program in Graphic Design prepares its students for a wide range of professional options: print and publication design; web and interface design; motion graphics for broadcast and film; branding, identity and type design; as well as careers in design history and education. The program emphasizes both practical and conceptual skills, and enables each designer to integrate a command of visual language with imagination, theory and technology.

Classes in the Design Program are small, intimate and critique- based, fostering debate and discussion as well as imparting formal and practical knowledge. All students work in residence in communal studios (grouped by year level) that are open 24 hours, and have access to Art School facilities and labs. Each undergraduate and graduate year has a core class supported by a number of required and elective classes, allowing both structure and flexibility within the curriculum. Design Program classes are taught by a group of accomplished faculty, supplemented by a series of visiting faculty and guest lectures. In both the BFA and MFA programs, students create a body of work that is not simply a string of assignments, but which is uniquely theirs, and which prepares them, upon graduation, to carve an independent path into graphic design practice with a compelling portfolio marked by strong ideas expressed through form.

The Program in Graphic Design offers a four-year BFA, as well as two-year and three-year programs resulting in an MFA in Graphic Design including a Specialization in Motion Graphics at the MFA.

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