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The two-year MFA Program in Art and Technology is designed to encourage students to cultivate creative strategies, technical competencies and critical thinking skills leading to the exploration and development of new applications of technology and media in contemporary art practices. Students will pursue work that crosses traditional mediums, enabling the integration of new art forms with alternative strategies and interactive design and performance. The challenge for the students is to explore new technologies while developing a critical point of view regarding the social and political aspects of contemporary culture and the role that technology plays within it.

This Program will enable students to explore the various possibilities and intersections of art and technology in a globally networked culture. Students will be trained in the language of contemporary art practice; the social and political contexts for new media and art; and the development of a personal vision that includes a critical point of view.  The Program will investigate technologies and art practices from a position of innovation and change, while allowing multiple disciplines and diverse cultures to inform the creative process.

The curriculum is centered around both a studio based practice and an exchange of dialogue with fellow students, visiting artists and faculty. The program offers technical instruction in the creative use of technology, including computer programming, web based systems, digital image making, digital sound design, immersive installation, digital video, interactive multimedia and hybrid performance. This wide range of technical instruction is augmented with critiques and seminars that set out to challenge conventional ideas about what constitutes an art practice in today's contemporary culture.

The curriculum encompasses group critiques, technical and critical seminars, independent studies and a strong emphasis on individual mentoring. Each student meets periodically with their mentor for feedback and evaluation during their two years of study. In addition to discussion of the student's work, the critiques and seminars also focus on current issues within the broad field of art and technology.

In their first year students develop a proposal for a written critical thesis and begin building a body of work for their mid-residence and final faculty review. In the second semester of the first year MFA candidates must pass the mid-residence faculty review of their work and present their thesis proposal in order to advance.

The second year MFA candidates present their final body of work and their completed written thesis to a final faculty review to be eligible for graduation.

Required Art and Technology classes are:

First Year

Studio D.I.T
Conversations on Technology, Culture and Practice
Studio Practice
Art and Technology Skills Workshop

Second Year

Studio Practice
Art and Technology Skills Workshop
Art and Technology Thesis Workshop
Art and Technology Critique

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