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In the two-year MFA Program in Art and Technology students cultivate creative strategies, technical competencies and critical thinking skills,
exploring and developing new applications of technology and media within a contemporary art practice. The Program interrogates technologies and art practices, incorporating innovation, multiple disciplines and diverse cultures into the student’s creative process. Students are challenged to critique technology and culture to develop a personal practice within the social and political aspects of contemporary culture.

The curriculum is centered around both a studio based practice and an exchange of dialogue with fellow students, visiting artists and faculty. The program offers technical instruction in the creative use of computer programming, networked based systems, digital image making, digital sound design, installation, digital video, interactive media and hybrid performance. This wide range of technical instruction is augmented with critiques, lectures and seminars that set out to challenge conventional ideas about what constitutes an art practice in the 21 st Century.

Course Structure

First Year

Art and Technology Studio I
Conversations on Technology Media and Culture
The Networked Studio
Art and Technology Studio II
Research and Practice Seminar
2 Independent Studies

Second Year

Technical Elective
Studio Elective
Creative Research Group
Technology, Culture and Critique
Project Development
2 Independent Studies (Fall Semester)
2 Independent Studies (Spring Semester)

In Addition:

4 Approved Critical Theory Courses (over the course of the 2 yr.

The Independent Study requirements in the second year can be
substituted with an elective.

There is also a group exhibition in the MFA1 year and a final thesis
exhibition in the MFA2 year.

There is also a research and presentation requirement for the Thesis

There are 2 reviews that are required for graduation, one at the end of
the MFA 1 year and one at the end of the MFA 2 year.

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