'The Cold World and the Collective Subject'

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Off Campus

Community Room
West Hollywood Public Library
625 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood

WHAP! Lecture Series


How can artists, activists, and citizens in general engage the increasing complexity of the global system, and the veritable explosion of a new type of capitalism with its production of data, control, and rampant inequities. Patricia Reed analyzes this emergent configuration from a perspective of ‘optimist realism,’ proposing the dynamics of a perspectival shift utilizing the forces of alienation to construct innovative models of collective agency generated by the interface of the concretely situated and the abstractly conceptual. Her talk will investigate some of these issues with regard to the advent of a/the Cold World.

Patricia Reed is an artist, writer, and designer based in Berlin. Her work concerns the entanglements between epistemology, diagrammatics and modeling with politics, adapted to planetary scales of cohabitation. Upcoming projects include: Alien Introspection in The Future of Demonstration: Vermögen S01 (with Laboria Cuboniks, Vienna); and 1948: Technosphere Unbound: Tokens session (with Victoria Ivanova, House of World Cultures, Berlin). Recent texts include: “Xenophily and Computational Denaturalization” in e-flux Architecture Artifiicial Labour series (forthcoming); and “Optimist Realism: Finance and the Politicization of Anticipation”, in Moneylab Reader #2 (forthcoming). She is a member of the Laboria Cuboniks and Office for Applied Complexity working groups.