Reframing The House of Dust: Activations

Reframing The House of Dust: Activations

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CalArts Campus House of Glass, Lulu von Hagen Courtyard, CalArts

Join us for an afternoon and evening of activations of the House of Glass, newly constructed on the CalArts campus as part of a semester-long reconsideration of Alison Knowles’s 1967-71 House of Dust project. Current faculty, students, and guest artists will perform pieces scored or inspired by Knowles and other Fluxus artists who once taught at CalArts. Knowles herself will participate in performances of her iconic scores Newspaper Music and Make a Salad. Presented and sponsored by the CalArts MA Aesthetics and Politics Program and Art by Translation in collaboration with the MAK Center for Art and Architecture and France Los Angeles Exchange (FLAX). Curated by Maud Jacquin, Sébastien Pluot, and Janet Sarbanes.


  • Braiding, scored by Alison Knowles, interpreted by CalArts students and faculty
  • Selections, The Readers Chorus
  • Dragging Suite, scored by Nam June Paik, interpreted by CalArts students and faculty 
  • A Dance, A House, A Poem, scored by Felicia Atkinson, interpreted by CalArts students and faculty
  • Shuffle, scored by Alison Knowles, interpreted by CalArts students and faculty
  • <> or Talking (with or without words) and Audience Dog, Félicia Atkinson, Julien Bismuth, Yann Sérandour (presented in the context of 'While I was also listening to NY&LA,' a program conceived at La Criée Center for Contemporary Art, France and curated by the artists and Sophie Kaplan, director)
  • Choir Of Babble, Jasmin Blasco 
  • Newspaper Music, scored by Alison Knowles, interpreted by Alison Knowles with CalArts students and faculty
  • Make a Salad, scored by Alison Knowles, interpreted by Art by Translation and CalArts students
  • SUPERDECADENCE, Slow Reading Club (Henry Andersen and Bryana Fritz)
  • There are Already Too Many Things That Don't Exist, Daniel Frota 
  • Hearing 4:33, Alison O’Daniel
  • Swell Piece (for Alison Knowles), scored by James Tenney, interpreted by CalArts students and faculty
  • Command-X/In the System, Nicholas Knight
  • Short film of the original House of Dust
  • Mechanisms of Approximation, Exercises in extraction, capture, measurement, and collection of data by human and technical instruments, repeated hourly, Lila Athanasiadou 

Lila Athanasiadou, Jasmin Blasco, Daniel Frota and Slow Reading Club are the 2018-2019 participants in the research and exhibition program Art by translation/ESBA, TALM (Angers) and ENSA Paris-Cergy.