Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

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CalArts Campus

B319 - Grad Comp Forum

School of Music Visiting Artist

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is a musician, composer and philosopher best known as the founder of Liturgy.  Liturgy is a Brooklyn-based quartet whose yearning, energetic “transcendental black metal” exists in the space between metal, avant rock and sacred ritual.  Celebrated for live performances that combine emotional chaos with technical precision, they have toured internationally and performed at major music festivals and art institutions around the world. The band was founded in the context of Brooklyn DIY as a high-concept solo project by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix in 2005 while he was studying philosophy and classical composition at Columbia.  After expanding to a quartet they made waves globally for introducing the style of Scandinavian black metal into the world of experimental art rock with 2011’s . In fall 2018 the group debuted Hunt-Hendrix’s metaphysical opera Origin of the Alimonies in New York as a live score with a chamber ensemble.  In 2019 they released a new song "God of Love" and are presenting the live-action debut of Origin of the Alimonies at REDCAT in LA