Carmen Argote

Carmen Argote

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CalArts Campus


Paul Brach Visiting Artist Lecture Series


Thurs., Oct. 4, Lecture
Fri., Oct. 5, Studio Visits

Carmen Argote’s artistic practice is a response and conversation brought about through the process of inhabiting a space and responding. The concept, the form, everything, comes out of the way in which her body and personal history can connect with the site. For Argote, the effect of the architectures around her and their values are felt upon her body.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Argote moves through materials and media. Her art practice is consistent in its focus and inconsistent in its appearance. Argote makes art because she believes in the resonance of the visual. Argote believes in art’s ability to convey the more abstract, to point to ways of seeing and understanding outside of language. For Argote, art is felt in the body, it does not need to be understood. Enjoying the discourse and dwelling on the poetics of the queering of the everyday is what drives her visual searches. It is the only freedom she can take.