CalArts Soundstream 2019 at the Troubadour

CalArts Soundstream 2019 at the Troubadour

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Off Campus Troubadour
9801 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood

Bands include:

Shandy & Eva
Acoustic singer-songwriter, jazz and Latin-influenced songs
Band Members: Ewa Zmijewska, voice, acoustic guitar; Shandrelica Casper, voice, percussion; Benjamin Thomas, electric guitar

Dolly Dirtbag
A weirdo bubblegum pop songstress with DIY electronics
Band Members: Olivia Hauser, laptop, keyboard MIDI controller, custom glove MIDI controller, vocal effects pedal/looper

Gillian Rae Perry
Gillian Rae Perry explores interactions between text and music, audible and inaudible
Band Members: Gillian Rae Perry, voice, ukulele, piano

Love Underwater
An eccentric antifolk collective making, well, waves.
Band Members: Leila Jay, electric harp+FX and vocals; MJ LaVine, electric bass and vocals; Ian Stahl, electric guitar+FX and vocals; Jason Fragoso, drum kit; Pablo Leñero, keyboard

Laugh Queens
magnetic, alt-rock fever
Band Members: Stephanie D’Arcy, guitar and vocals; Scarlett Perry, bass and vocals, Yaryn Choi, synth and vocals; Jason Fragoso, drums

Future Lover
Driving, darkwave-inspired dance tracks entwined with cloudy, reverb-soaked vocals
Band Members: Scarlett Perry, vox, guitar, synth; Daniel Crook, drum machine, sequencer, synths

Sabina Arias
Mexican folkloric with an electronic touch
Band Members: Sabina vox/guitar/requinto/laptop (Ableton); Matt Smith, drums

Off the Cuff
An eclectic folk fusion band that captures the rhythms of the heart.
Band Members: Chloe Levaillant, Atticus McKittrick, Sara Sithi-Amnuai, Tal Katz, Benjamin Scanlan