Alicia Piller: 'Journey to Materiality'

Alicia Piller: 'Journey to Materiality'

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CalArts Campus

John Baldessari Studio Building Classroom

Alicia Piller, Psychological seeds overgrown. Wildflowers blaze a path, 2022.
The School of Art is pleased to welcome Alicia Piller as an inaugural Rosalind Harris Visiting Critic as part of the Charles Gaines Faculty Chair program for spring 2023.
Los Angeles-based mixed media artist Alicia Piller was born and raised in Chicago and received her bachelor's in both fine arts (painting) and anthropology from Rutgers University in 2004. While working in the fashion industry, living a decade in NYC and three and a half years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Piller cultivated her distinctive sculptural voice. Continuing to expand her artistic practice, Alicia completed her MFA focused on sculpture and installation from CalArts in May of 2019. Alicia’s work is a part of the Hammer Permanent Collection, Glendale College Collection, Forrest Kirk Collection, the Pam Royalle Collection, & Janine Barrois Collection. Her sculptural work was featured on the cover of Full Blede Magazine (Fall 2019), the LA Times' ‘Water keeps us alive’ (2022), & The New York Times' ‘5 Artist to Watch at the California Biennial’ (2022). Her solo show, Within, is currently up at Craft Contemporary until May 2023. You can find her on Instagram @thereal.aliciapiller 
Piller will be conducting studio visits, workshops, and talks with the CalArts creative community between March 13-17, 2023.
Headshot: Alicia Piller
March 16, 2023: Artist Talk – Journey to Materiality
Noted for her large scale mixed media sculptures, artist Alicia Piller discusses her practice and journey into the world of materiality. Piller’s practice examines historical traumas, both political and environmental, through the lens of a microscope. How does one come to finding their own place in the art world, their own style and way of moving through form and content? In this talk, Piller sheds light on her own blueprint for creation and navigation; going back in time while moving us forward on her continued voyage.
Contact the School of Art if you have questions about the event and Visiting Critic program.