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Graphic Design


Graphic Design II

This class furthers the basic design skills acquired in the first year by introducing conceptual thinking as the basis of design process. Students gain a deeper and broader understanding of how to make and manipulate meaning and to utilize design methodologies to develop work that is compelling and informative.

Introductory exercises emphasize different aspects of form making and style as well as the critical and inventive application of methodologies and process. The students are asked to develop their conceptual and technical abilities by exploring meaning
through form, image, methodology and experimentation.

Typical projects include: the design of ornaments and patterns informed by historical styles as the basis for a packaging design project; sequential exercises in typography and composition that strengthen basic design skills; information design problems are explored through individual research and experimentation in designing a timeline and atlas; how to communicate using visual metaphors in book cover designs.

Other Classes

During the BFA2 year, students are required to take Historical Survey of Graphic Design I & II, Typography I & II, Digital Production and Imagemaking I.

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