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Allan Sekula Memorial on Oct. 5 at REDCAT

Photographer, writer, filmmaker, theorist, critic and CalArts Art faculty member Allan Sekula passed away Aug. 10 in California. He was 62.

All members of the CalArts community, friends and alumni are invited to celebrate the life and achievements of Allan Sekula on Oct. 5, at 2 pm at REDCAT.


Speakers and exhibitors include: 

Thom Andersen David Antin
Eleanor Antin Bart De Baere
Makeda Best Karl Beveridge
Kaucyila Brooke Noël Burch
Eduardo L. Cadava Chris Dercon
Edward Dimendberg Laura Diamond Dixit
Harry Gamboa Jr. Hans Haacke
Dee Dee Halleck Tom Hines
Ernie Larson Steven Lavine
Fred Lonidier Catherine Lord
Micki McGee Nadja Millner-Larson
Sherry Millner Susan Mogul
Marie Muracciole John O'Brian
Berenice Reynaud Martha Rosler*
Michelle Sekula Stefan Sekula
Terry Smith Katie Shapiro
Zoe Strauss Hilde Van Gelder
Lorraine Wild Carlin Wing*
Al Winn Billy Woodberry

*video remembrance

And YOU too, as there will be an open mic with refreshments to follow.

Come help all of us remember, honor and say farewell to him.

631 West 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Online reservations are no longer being taken, but seating is still available. We encourage you to arrive early and join us for the event. We will do our best to accommodate everyone on a first come, first served basis, once the theater opens for seating. Additionally, the REDCAT lobby will have live video and audio feed of the program should attendance exceed capacity, and the event will be live-streamed on this page.

His Art

Allan Sekula's art and photography has been exhibited all over the world. His last solo show was This Ain't China at Simon Fraser University Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, in late 2012. Also a filmmaker, Sekula last directed the documentary The Forgotten Space with Noël Burch. The film essay seeks to understand the contemporary maritime world in relation to the symbolic legacy of the sea. The trailer is below:

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