School of Art

Paul Brach Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Spring 2014

Jeffrey Vallance

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 7 pm - F200

Best known for projects that blur the lines between object­‐making,
installation, performance, curation and anthropological study, Vallance’s work has long challenged critics to define the artist’s unique multidisciplinary cross-­‐pollination.

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Wu Tsang

Thursday, Feb. 13, 6 pm - F200

Wu Tsang is a Los Angeles based filmmaker, artist, and performer. His projects have been presented at the Tate Modern (London); the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the New Museum (New York); ICA (Philadelphia); MOCA and REDCAT (Los Angeles).

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Abraham Cruzvillegas

Tuesday, Feb. 18, 7 pm - F200

Abraham Cruzvillegas (born 1968, Mexico City) is a Mexican conceptual artist. He is known for his work with found objects. From 2007 onwards, Cruzvillegas worked on a series of works exploring what he calls autoconstrucción, or self-­construction.

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Sharon Hayes

Thursday, Feb. 20, 6 pm - F200

Over the past ten years, Sharon Hayes has been engaged in an art practice that uses multiple mediums— video, performance, and installation—in ongoing investigation into various intersections between history, politics and speech.

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Rodney McMillian

Thursday, Feb. 27, 6 pm - F200

Reflecting his diverse interest in the boundaries demarcating class, economic status, culture, and their relationship to the physicality of the human body, Rodney McMillian’s mixed-genre practice both incorporates and challenges the notion of art as social and historical critique.

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Paul Pfeiffer

Thursday, Mar. 12, 6:30 pm - F200

Pfeiffer’s groundbreaking work in video, sculpture, and photography uses recent computer technologies to dissect the role that mass media plays in shaping consciousness. In a series of video works focused on professional sports events—including basketball, boxing, and hockey—Pfeiffer digitally removes the bodies of the players from the games, shifting the viewer’s focus to the spectators, sports equipment,
or trophies won.

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Zoe Strauss

Thursday, Mar. 13, 6 pm - F200

Strauss is a photo-based installation artist who uses Philadelphia as a primary setting and subject for her work. Out in the streets, Strauss typically photographs whatever strikes her interest, paying particular attention to the overlooked (or purposefully avoided) details of life. Strauss' humanist perspective and eye for composure make her one of "photography’s great naturals."

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Andrew Freeman

Thursday, Mar. 20, 6 pm - F200

Andrew Freeman is a photographer, writer, filmmaker and curator based in Los Angeles, California. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally. From 1995 through the present he has helped direct the Community Arts Partnership (CAP) photography program.

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Mary Reid Kelley and Pat Kelley

Thursday, Apr. 3, 6 pm - F200

Mary Reid Kelley (b. 1979, Greenville, South Carolina) is currently a Fellow in Visual Arts at the American Academy in Rome. Patrick Kelley (b. 1969, Bloomington, Minnesota) is currently a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome.

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Oscar Murillo

Tuesday, Apr. 8, 7 pm - F200

Murillo's large-scale paintings imply action, performance, and chaos, but are in fact methodically composed of rough-hewn, stitched canvases that often incorporate fragments of text as well as studio debris such as dirt and dust.

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Monica Majoli

Thursday, Apr. 10, 6 pm - F200

Monica Majoli’s practice examines the relationship between physicality and consciousness, as expressed through the documentary sexual image. Themes of intersubjectivity and temporality have informed numerous bodies of her work, together with decisive shifts in materiality.

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Jon Pylypchuck

Thursday, Apr. 17, 6 pm - F200

Jon Pylypchuk (born 1972 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) is a Canadian painter and sculptor, living and working in Los Angeles. His work includes sculptures, paintings and drawings, and he has presented his art under the pseudonym Rudy Bust.

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Luciano Perna 

Tuesday, Apr. 22, 6:30pm - F200

Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe on Luciano Perna: From the point of view of people addicted to categorization, of course, there is a category for everything including one which is the category for things which don’t fit into categories. And it is there that one finds some very interesting things, events and ideas.

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Gina Osterloh

Thursday, Apr. 24, 6 pm - F200

What are the boundaries of the body? Look closely at Gina Osterloh’s
images for the telltale signs of a body in search of connection. Legs sink into the floor and bodies emerge out of the wall. Combining sculpture and performance, Osterloh constructs rooms of cut paper for her figures to inhabit.

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Samira Yamin

Thursday, May 1, 6 pm - F200

Samira Yamin was born in Illinois in 1983. She received dual BAs in Studio Art and Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2006 and her MFA in Studio Art from University of California, Irvine in 2011.

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Museum of Jurassic Technology

Thursday, May 8, 6 pm - F200

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a museum located at 9341 Venice Boulevard in the Palms district of Los Angeles, California (although it has a postal address of Culver City because it is served by that city's post office). It was founded by David Hildebrand Wilson and Diana Drake Wilson (husband and wife) in 1988.

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Mary Kelly

Thursday, May 15, 6 pm - F200

Mary Kelly (born 1941) is an American conceptual artist, feminist, educator, and writer. Kelly has contributed extensively to the discourse of feminism and postmodernism through her large‐scale narrative installations and theoretical writings.

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